Monday, March 26, 2012

Last Day in Maputo

We have been in the city of Maputo for the last few days attending meetings and working at the United Methodist Conference office. Since our arrival, it's been 14 hour days trying to cram all of our buisness in before we leave the city. Tomorrow morning at 7:00am, we fly up north to Beira where we will visit the Gondola Training Center and continue our tour of the various projects of the MI.

The Bishop of the United Methodist Conference of Mozambique took us to lunch today as a farewell celebration. She is kind, intelligent, and thoughtful, and she had many interesting things to share about the culture of Mozambique and the work being done here. The opportunity to work with a woman of this caliber is inspiring and I am honored to know that on this journey, we began a friendship that will bear much fruit.

We were lucky enough tonight to have electricity and a strong internet connection, which means that we were able to check in with friends and loved ones. Both Carol and I were able to skype with our respective the same time. This is what us missionaries call a "double date" (see romantic screen shot). Though we were slightly slap happy from exhaustion, it was nice to touch base with home.

Thank you friends for all of your continued prayers, good vibes, and support during our journey. It truly means the world to us. Hopefully I will be able to post updates from the north, as internet connections allow.

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  1. i don't even know what to say about that least i brushed my teeth?