Friday, December 7, 2012

Uncomfortably Comfortable

We're back from Mozambique and I'm getting back into the swing of life, back into the regular routine, back into the common comforts.  These comforts include nothing short of hot, fresh coffee made every morning, daily warm showers for as long as I want, food from any restaurant that I desire at my fingertips, and the list goes on. I have it all here.  St. Louis is my oyster.  For these things, I am grateful.  Because of these things, I am comfortable.  But in light of this journey, it's hard to put these comforts into a larger global context when so many people around the world lack basic needs.  We met lots of hungry people for whom a meal at any restaurant would be an extreme luxury.  We met people who had no clean water to drink, much less hot coffee every morning.  I'm left asking what I do with this uncomfortable feeling that I have around being so damn comfortable all of the time.  Some of it has to do with giving, and serving, and choices, and living differently, and advocating.  It's a struggle that I have every day, and it's a struggle that I share with all of you who identify with how Christ modeled life on Earth.  Born in a stable, living without a home, loving unto's a high and difficult call.  It all feels very uncomfortable if you ask me.