Sunday, March 25, 2012

Song and Dance

I am a music person, through and through. And I'm finding out that Mozambique is a music country, through and through. In some ways, I'm like a hand in a glove here. In every village that we enter, we are greeted with a song. At every departure, a dance. When we were driving down the country, all the Mozambicans who accompanied us sang the entire time. Back home, this is actually how I function every day, singing my way from one location to the's just that in the US, everybody looks at me funny when I do. This is not the case here. I fit in quite well.

Today we attended an epically long worship service in Maputo, where a new chapel, called Macedonia, was dedicated. This was a celebration of epic proportions, and the accompanying musical presentation was beyond words. It was singing, dancing, and call and response for hours - 7 hours to be exact.

This service was followed by a concert featuring the local youth, which was astounding. I heard live, local, Mozambican hip hop as well as R&B and gospel. I was then asked to sing with the house band, and after a quick 10 minute rehearsal, we brought the house down! What a day. What a country! The event wasn't complete until we danced our way out into the night and whistled our way to dinner.

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