Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An Unlikely Choice

In many ways, I am an unlikely choice.   I'm young, I'm not good with authority, I don't really do things by the book, I don't know Portuguese (yet), and I'm definitely not the picture of sainthood. I stay out too late and listen to music that is too loud; I talk too much, I have no filter between my brain and mouth, and I have crazy opinions regarding just about everything. I don't really fit in...but hasn't that been the way my life has always been? It's just that now, I have a new job.

For reasons that are sometimes beyond my comprehension, The Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church has chosen me as the next Mozambique Initiative Coordinator, beginning, well...now. Carol, the current Mozambique Initiative Coordinator, is in the process of retiring and will gradually work her way out of the job over the next six months, while I apprentice with her. The goal is to have me prepped and ready to go full time by July.   This job entails heading up all of the humanitarian projects underway in Mozambique through the Missouri UMC - including clean water wells, health clinics, a women's shelter, and countless others.  I will be traveling to Mozambique a couple of times each year and also visiting local churches in Missouri to share the excitement over the work being done there.  I am completely and totally excited in every way! And extremely humbled.   I will continue to finish my dissertation with hopes of finishing the PhD in social work by May 2013, while simultaneously working my way into this new position. A huge undertaking.

And so I'm asking for grace, and prayers, and support, and love, and accountability - hence the attempt at a blog. Help me help Mozambique.   Help me help the Missouri UMC.   Help me affect change. Help me work for justice.   Help me be a light.   And I will try to be the best misfit missionary you've ever seen.


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  2. Gratz to you my dear friend! I pray you are a light in the UMC and that all of your "misfitness" is directed well into the institution as a whole. I believe in you. Peace, from one misfit to another. B-Ray

  3. I remember you sharing (I hope this doesn't breach the confidentiality of our evening discussions) that you felt unsure of your role as part of the Mozambique Mission team from The Gathering. I think perhaps God has now used that trip to help prepare you for this work to which you've been called. You'll be great in this role--what you listed as your liabilities I believe will be your strength. And I think its what the UMC needs.