Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I have New York to thank for who I am today.  And although I'm glad that I'm not living here anymore (let's be honest, I really love my Midwestern conveniences sometimes), for better or for worse, it formed me.  It was here that I found independence, and grit, and persistence, and a "goddammit, even though I can't put food on the table, I'm not going to lay down and die" attitude.  But most importantly, it was here that I found authentic community.  And though the lights, and the art, and the music, and the night life facilitated much of the self actualization, it was the people who really moved me.  A handful of choice individuals pierced my heart and accepted, equally, the best and worst parts of me.  Spending even just a few days with these friends reminds me again of the strength I find in dependence and the need that I have to share all of who I am honestly, consistently.  And so it is with overflowing gratitude that I reflect on the impact that this community had on me then and continues to have even on the decisions that I make today.  I could not have even contemplated taking this job without the love and support of these friends.  And I know going forward, these are the friends who will be there when things are hard and I don't understand and I'm disappointed, and equally there when I'm jumping for joy and laughing myself silly.  Thank you dear friends.  You know who you are.

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