Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Road to Nampula

We are safe and sound in Nampula after a long, bumpy, middle-of-nowhere journey through the Niassa and Nampula districts. It was a 12+ hour drive on some of the worst "roads" you've ever seen. Actually, we're probably insane for even attempting such a journey, but the visits to churches were indescribably amazing, the company was astounding, and I wouldn't trade the experience for the world! Here are some highlights with more thoughts to come once I get some much deserved sleep:
The mountains in Malawi:

Cuamba UMC and a Bible delivery - Bibles from Morning Star UMC in Missouri:

Lurio UMC:

Malema UMC:

Macedonia UMC:

Beautiful Mozambique:

Stay tuned for stories to follow!



  1. Thank you Sarah and team for making the road trip... for many reasons. As time moves along, you will understand more and more this importance.

    Rest for your body will come. Memories will remain.

    God's Love is so profoundly shared with you all.

  2. Beautiful mountains, beautiful people, beautiful work. Godspeed - Love, Scott